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Special courses at Mentora!

You want to start your German Course at Mentora Sprachschule immediately and don’t want to wait until next month? No, problem, we also offer additional courses on demand! And we offer special courses, like courses for doctors or courses in Business-German. So if you are a group of friends or more people who want to […]

May Day in Berlin

Soon it’s that time again – the famous May Day is coming! Especially New-Berliners shouldn’t miss the variuos street festivals, partys and concerts at “Labour Day”! Center of attention is Kreuzberg and its “Myfest”, that ‘s  supposed to be a contrast to the riots in the past: In the area round Kottbusser Tor, Heinrichplatz and […]

Underground Bars in Berlin

Berlin is not only Germany’s cultural capital but also by far the best place when it comes to party! No other German city offers this broad variety of clubs, festivals and bars. But where to go? There are so many options, but we bet you never heard of those places: To get your party night […]

Do you want to go abroad?

Then Mentora Sprachschule is the right address for you: Cause we’re part of the BAU Global Network, consisting of higher education institutions all over the world. Furthermore we have language schools in Washington D.C. and Toronto, Canada. This way you have lots of possibilities: Do a language trip or a crash course within the BAU […]

Are you new in Berlin?

You are new in Berlin. What’s next? The best possibilty to discover the city and learn German are new friends! How to find them? Have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/neuinberlin/?fref=t This is the biggest “New in Berlin”-group on facebook  – here new Berliners get connected to join eachother for activities. They also offer a weekly get-together, […]

Do you need a Visa?

Lots of our students want to know, how to get a Visa for a language course in Germany. Mentora Sprachschule can’t make sure the granting of a Visa – but:  there are some tips that might help you getting it! Please inform yourself minimum 12 weeks before your planned stay in Germany about the entry- […]

Why study at Mentora Sprachschule?

Why study at Mentora Sprachschule? Of course there are many language schools in Berlin! But: only we have … a super network, that consists of 4 universities, 2 language schools and 6 satellite campuses and is extending over seven countries on three continents – North America, Europe and Asia! the success guarantee! And this is […]

Welcome to Berlin

At 1. Januray 2016 Mentora Sprachschule opens its doors in Berlin – so we are besides BAU International University the second location of BAU Global in the middle of Germany’s capital! From 29. February on we offer language courses in German, English and Turkish. If you are beginner or already advanced or need a business-language […]

Mentora Speaking-Club at meetup!

Hello everybody, check out our new&weekly Mentora Speaking-Club at meetup! From february on we’re meeting weekly to talk German and get to know eachother. Leave theory and start practising! Everybody can join for free and we still have free places! http://www.meetup.com/de-DE/MENTORA-Berlin-Speaking-Club

Mentora lessons on Facebook!

Do you want to learn German? Then start with our lessons on Facebook! Every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we teach you something – a phrase, a word or a sentence – and explain you how it is used. So check out our Facebook-Site and get startetd. Small effort, big effect. https://www.facebook.com/mentorasprachschule/?ref=hl